We haven’t met you yet, but we will.

We are a group of designers,
hoteliers, developers and restaurateurs —
we are all creative and curious
about the world around us.​

Welcome to The Alchemiste

This is Waterloo’s eclectic home for the creative and curious minds that fill our vibrant and growing community. As our region’s first true social house, we are dedicated to combining the art of live entertainment, impactful conversation, diverse food and drink, and curated programming in order to give our members the answer to the age-old question, what should we do tonight? Surprisingly, we did not think the community was in dire need of another bar, restaurant or trendy themed hangout. However, we did think that the world could use a place for those who want to expand their creative thought. A place for individuals who may not feel the need to “belong” but do desire to be accepted. We felt that such a place should be social because that fosters creative collaboration. And, it should be a fun place because…well why not?

We believe creativity is important. The world is faced with a lot of change and challenge. We need creative thinking more than ever. Diversity should be grown by strengthening individuality. Truly accepting people also means accepting and respectfully debating their points of view. Ideas, those amazingly unique things bouncing around in our brains, should be liberated from the current demands for socially safe sameness. Members of The Alchemiste find themselves in the living room we all want to live in. It’s a welcoming, lively and open atmosphere where discussion, debate and dialogue are encouraged. Where points of view and the phrase “I’ll drink to that!” are commonly heard. Where eclectic personalities are matched with eclectic tastes, learning experiences, entertainment and surprises. The décor, shaped by a sophisticated aesthetic that is uncontrollably optimistic, sets the stage for entertainment, meals and cocktails that will expand horizons as much as the conversations do.